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When you arrive at the show, go to the Main Entrance first to pay admission. Then find parking at the Consignment Sales Area and unload your items at the Designated Loading and Unloading Doors and take them to the Consignment Sales Area Check-In Desk.  Our staff will then register your items and attach a price tag.  You determine the price for the tag.  While you enjoy the show, we will sell your unwanted merchandise and keep a modest commission for the sale.


If you stop back and see that one or more of your items have sold, we will be happy to pay you for the sold items minus the commission charge.  If, at that time, you would like to change one of your other prices, no problem, we will change the price on the tag.  If you change your mind and would like to remove the sale merchandise, you are welcome to do so at any time.


Don't be afraid to bring in big stuff.  We are equipped to handle machine tools.  Need a hand lugging heavy items from your vehicle?  Come see our staff.


You are permitted to consign up to 10 items.  As items sell, you are welcome to replenish up to a maximum of 10 items.  All unsold items must be picked up by Sunday at 10:00AM.


Pennsylvania sales tax will be added to the price, to be paid by the buyer.  We also accept Visa/MC/Discover (3% additional) for items sold in the Consignment Sales Area.  Below is the commission schedule (paid by the seller - the commission will be deducted from the amount of the sale.)



Hundreds of Items Trade Hands Daily


Help Cover The Costs Of Coming To The Show


Sell 1 Item or Several


Consignments Will Be Accepted for CHECK IN ONLY

Beginning @ 3:00PM On Thursday. 

Check In and Sales will Begin on Friday @ 9:00AM.

The Facility's Rules are very clear: 




1) Go To The Main Entrance To Pay Admission.  


2) Find Parking In The Consignment Sales Area

Parking Area.


3) Load & Unload through The Consignment

Sales Area Designated Doors For

Loading & Unloading Consignments.

For Questions Call: 800-789-5068 x803

or Email:

Price of Item Sold                  Commission

  Up To & Including $99                     20%

         $100 To $499                             15%

           $500 & Up                                10%      


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